Risk and growth

My first blog post....

and it seems fitting to use one of my favorite quotes as inspiration.  Whenever I feel nervous to try something personally or professionally, this quote inspires me.  I think it perfectly captures that sense of fear when stretching oneself, taking that leap of faith, and doing something different.


And then the time came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to bloom. - Anais Nin -

_____________________________________________________________________________ I've been wanting to have my own website and blog for a while, but honestly have been held back from fears of time constraints.  And yet, I've so enjoyed dipping my toes into the Instagram world the past few years, putting out information about Perinatal Mental Health and trauma, collaborating with colleagues and finding my social media tribe. I love this quote and it reminds me of the concept of post-traumatic growth. As I work with clients as they heal from tremendous trauma, grief and complex PTSD, I see them building such incredible skills, refining their resilience and truly becoming such stronger versions of themselves. I know nobody likes to be told “this is happening for a reason” when they’re suffering (no seriously, please don’t, it’s invalidating) yet when someone is able to look back themselves and see how much they’ve grown, that can be so incredible. It is a profound honor to watch this growth happen and to hold space with my courageous clients as they walk through their journey. How many of you have found yourself changed by adversity and can honor the beautiful growth, wisdom or insights you experienced as a result? And if you’re still in that darkness, can you hold onto that little sliver of light? I am so often inspired by my own clients who are capable of tremendous bravery and growth in the face of such incredible battles so hey, I can suck it up and do some blog posts. I hope you can join me.

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