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EMDR Consultation


                          The next Perinatal EMDR Consultation Groups will be:                                                      6/21, 7/19, 8/16, 9/20, 10/18, 11/15, 12/13 (please contact for the zoom link)

I am an EMDRIA approved EMDR consultant and I currently offer consultation for EMDR therapists either in-person in my office in San Diego, or for EMDR therapists throughout the world via Zoom, a HIPAA-Secure internet platform.

Consultees often come to me for the following:
  • EMDRIA Certification
  • Treatment of Perinatal Mental Health with EMDR therapy
  • Consultation to build confidence and practice utilizing EMDR
  • Using EMDR therapy via telehealth with virtual applications
  • Completion of their 10 hours of required consultation for basic training (if trained through HAP)

EMDR therapy has profoundly impacted my profession and my clients, and is one of the the most powerful approaches to resolving trauma that I have encountered as a therapist. It's a joy and honor to be a consultant, supporting other EMDR clinicians with this work. My own work with clients has become exponentially more effective because of the hours I have invested in consultation with experts in this field.

I approach the role of being an EMDRIA Approved Consultant with a sense of great responsibility (and a great deal of passion!). I want to provide a safe place for consultees to share where you might be challenged in applying the complexities of the EMDR treatment model. I also want to empower you to go beyond just memorizing steps and instead understand the "why". Truly understanding each component of the EMDR protocol can help you better address the unique needs of your clients (and helps you when you're feeling stuck!)

If you are coming to consultation to work towards certification, let's talk more about what that means. A certified EMDR therapist needs to understand how to follow the standard EMDR protocol in its entirety (and know when to deviate). Research has shown that therapists who drift, in that they apply parts but not all of the protocol when working with clients, do not provide the efficacy in trauma resolution seen with those who are careful and in applying all 8 phases of EMDR therapy.

Once you have become comfortable practicing and applying the standard EMDR protocol, you can then broaden your skills to effectively address the needs of more intricate cases (such as those involving very early childhood neglect and abuse, dissociation, perinatal mental health, and compulsive behaviors). It is essential for these cases that you learn the clinical skills needed (and the "WHY") so you don't feel like you're just applying a formula and can actually think more conceptually about how to treat using EMDR.

EMDR therapists must have the skills to determine when to deviate from the standard EMDR protocol, when to use modifications, and be able to articulate why each adaptation is necessary. Consultation can help support you with making these treatment decisions.


What do I need to know if I'm interested in becoming certified in EMDR therapy?

I'd recommend you visit EMDRIA’s page outlining the certification process here

I’m not working towards Certification (or am already certified) but I do want more support in my use of EMDR therapy with clients. Are you available for consultation outside of certification?

Absolutely! I myself consider being a therapist to be a lifelong journey of learning, and consultation is a wonderful way to strengthen your skills and confidence with the use of EMDR therapy with clients.  Together we can explore working with specific protocols and populations (such as with pregnant and postpartum clients) and help you hone your craft.

What can I expect from you as an EMDR consultant?

Currently, I offer individual consultation sessions and charge $180 per hour. I also offer a 90 minute virtual perinatal EMDR consultation group (for those already trained in perinatal mental health and EMDR and wanting additional support with this population).  For individuals who have attended HAP trainings and who are seeking consultation to fulfill your basic training consultation requirements, please contact me for pricing and availability.

Whether you're working towards certification, or seeking to enhance your skills, I take my role very seriously in helping you gain confidence and learn to be the best EMDR therapist you can be. I am guided by EMDRIA standards and as such, I require that Consultees working towards certification demonstrate proficiency and understanding of the EMDR Standard Protocol (8-phases, 3-prong model) in order to receive a letter of recommendation for Certification from me. I also require that Consultees working towards certification provide video samples of EMDR sessions done on phases 3 through 7 (including discussion of 1, 2, and 8). Samples need to demonstrate accurate application of EMDR protocol, and some Consultees do need to provide more than one sample before demonstrating proficiency.

How do I start working with you as my Consultant?

If I sound like I am a good fit for you, let's schedule time to talk by phone about the consultation process. If it is a good fit for us to work together, you will complete an online consultation packet and we can begin.