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Could EMDR Be the Key to Treating Reproductive Trauma?

I was recently interviewed for Marie Claire magazine

and I was thrilled to get to talk about reproductive trauma and the power and effectiveness of EMDR therapy with pregnant and postpartum people.  What an honor it was to highlight this important trauma therapy, talk a bit about why it works, and highlight why this is effective when your brain feels "stuck" moving forward after traumatic experiences during the reproductive journey (such as after having a traumatic birth, difficult infertility experiences, a pregnancy loss or termination, or pregnancy or postpartum complications.) 

I'm very thankful to the journalist Lorena O'Neil for bringing more awareness and attention to EMDR therapy and that she so thoughtfully and diligently shared research that we had talked about, and that she treated this topic with such care. I also admire and appreciate the women who bravely shared their own experiences with EMDR as their sections speak the most as to what EMDR sessions are like, and I hope that this article helps spread awareness for many. I also love how my colleagues Dr. Mara Stein and Nayeli Corona-Zitney describe this work. I particularly appreciate how Nayeli highlights the disproportionate impact of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADS) on women of color, and how feeling coerced or overpowered during the reproductive journey can compound any previously lived similar experiences. She shares poignant examples of why this work is so vitally important. 

I'm always thankful to any opportunity to spread awareness about perinatal mental health, reproductive trauma, and treatment options. Healing from reproductive trauma is possible   

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