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Can you do EMDR therapy during Pregnancy?

"Is it safe to do EMDR therapy with a pregnant client?"

"Is it safe to do EMDR in the first trimester of pregnancy?"

"What do I do if my client I'm doing EMDR with becomes pregnant?"

There are several widespread myths and misconceptions about the use of EMDR therapy with a pregnant client.  And while these concerns may be well intended, based in protection of the wellbeing of the pregnancy, they can be rooted in misinformation and fear.

I was recently asked to write more about this for a blog for I'm so thankful for the opportunity to address some of these common questions. You can find the blog post here:

Research (and experience) shows us that pregnant clients who receive EMDR therapy experience: ⠀⠀ ▫️decreased distress ▫️reduction in PTSD symptoms ▫️less fears of childbirth ▫️reduced intrusive thoughts ▫️increased confidence about their upcoming delivery

We also know about the profound negative impact of pervasive, chronic stress (and cortisol exposure) on the developing baby, and the baby’s lifetime trajectory as well. Research shows us that EMDR therapy, on the other hand, brings a reduction in cortisol levels and distress, so it’s beneficial to the pregnant person and the developing baby.

I have seen EMDR therapy to be profoundly helpful with clients as they process prior reproductive traumas (such as fertility treatments or prior losses) and prepare for their upcoming births. With healing past attachment wounds and preparing to become parents, the groundwork is laid for breaking multigenerational patterns of trauma. It really is the most amazing work, and a gift to watch this profound healing.

Whether you are an EMDR clinician or a client looking for an EMDR therapist, I hope you enjoy this blog post , and find all of the research and resources I share helpful.