My new book, Healing From Reproductive Trauma, is now available for pre-order!

I am thrilled to share that my new book, Healing From Reproductive Trauma, now has a publication date of September 28th, 2023 and is available for pre-order now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Routledge. Please ask for it at your favorite small local bookstore, as well.

If you have experienced trauma during your reproductive journey, from conception through your postpartum recovery, you are not alone and this book is for you.  People can experience distress throughout their perinatal journeys, such as during infertility, pregnancy and postpartum complications, pregnancy losses, and childbirth.

Maybe it was what happened to you that was distressing (such as going through an emergency cesarean section or if your baby went to the NICU), and maybe it was how you were treated that created or added to how you are feeling. 

This can be quite a challenging time of life to navigate through, particularly if you are feeling scared, overwhelmed by your feelings, and isolated and alone. It’s no wonder that 1 out of 3 parents report having traumatic birth experiences, and upwards of 40% of new parents can experience PTSD during this time.

Despite how common this might be, you do not have to keep feeling like this.  There is hope for healing and for change! I wrote this workbook with sleep-deprived and traumatized parents in mind; this book is divided into easy-to-read sections to help you manage your emotions, find validation and reassurance, and build resilience and coping skills.

Drawing from empirically validated research and my clinical experience, this book will help you educate yourself to further understand what you have experienced, and learn how to manage trauma reactions and challenging feelings. 

We cover what reproductive trauma is, what is happening "below the surface" with the brain and body’s reactive responses, and the various emotional impacts from these events. We then help you build tangible skills to manage the impact of trauma, such as any trauma reactions, the influence on relationships and attachment with the baby. You are also helped to create a map of your future, as we highlight hope around healing, discuss professional treatment options, and address complex decisions about future pregnancies.

Wherever you are on your healing journey, whether this experience just happened to you, or you are just now starting to explore aspects of something that happened years ago, this workbook can provide support to you. You can use this in preparation for trauma therapy, alongside with a mental health therapist, or on your own. 

May you find it helpful in your healing.